Commercial Solar Power

Yes Solar Solutions offers a full range of commercial solar energy systems to businesses, municipalities, and military agencies in NC and SC. Discover our commercial solar solutions.

Our Commercial Projects

Solar Electricity Powering your business with renewable energy

Commercial solar power systems from Yes Solar Solutions are carefully tailored to meet your business energy needs and deliver optimal return on investment.

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Solar Tax Credits Using the sun to help reduce your energy bills

Going solar with Yes Solar Solutions doesn’t just save energy, it has the power to save you money as well. Find out about tax credits, rebates, and financial incentives.

Commercial Solar Power in North Carolina and South Carolina Discover the benefits Yes Solar will bring to your business

Yes Solar Solutions serves a wide range of businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and more in Raleigh, NC and throughout North Carolina and South Carolina with solar photovoltaic systems that deliver immediate and significant benefits. Based in Cary, NC, Yes Solar brings unmatched levels of experience and an unwavering commitment to sustainability to each commercial solar power system installation we take on in NC and SC. No matter what type of business or solar investment, Yes Solar will help you with an ideal, premium-quality commercial solar energy system that will pay for itself in just a few short years.  Yes Solar is the only solar installation company in the Carolinas accredited by the prestigious North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).  We hold an unlimited General Contractor and Electrical Contractor license in both North Carolina and South Carolina, qualifying us for any size solar project.

Our Process Bringing you toward your solar energy goals

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    Energy Analysis

    One of our Certified Energy Specialists will contact you to discuss the solar potential of your roof based on our satellite imagery, your energy goals and budget, information on incentives and average system costs and paybacks.  A physical site visit may be necessary to confirm measurements.

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    Custom Solution

    We design a custom-tailored system for you, based on the results of your energy analysis, to meet your unique requirements as effectively as possible.   Your contract price will include all equipment, design, permitting and interconnection costs.

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    Get Started

    After you approve the design of your new solar power system, we get the ball rolling with contracts, permits, rebates, utility connection, and installation.  Within a couple of weeks you will be generating your own clean, renewable energy.

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Commercial Solar Power Tax Credits

Take advantage of all of the incentives offered to you

Yes Solar Solutions is here to help you navigate all of the various options for incentives and tax breaks related to your new commercial solar electric system. This includes a tax credit from the federal government totaling 30% of your installed system’s cost with no maximum. We are pleased to consult with you, make recommendations, and provide further resources related to commercial incentives. Because your business’s unique tax situation may vary, we do recommend consulting your own tax professional to clarify your company’s tax considerations. Click below for further information about commercial solar tax credits.

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Solutions for Homebuilders and Rural Businesses Helping you find high-quality solar energy solutions in NC & SC

At Yes Solar, we have worked with a range of home builders in NC and SC to help them differentiate their homes and increase sales by designing and installing quality solar power systems. Because home buyers today are seeking greater value for their money while hoping to reduce energy consumption and minimize their carbon footprint, our solar systems represent fantastic solutions. Agricultural and rural businesses can also benefit from solar power systems through the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), which helps subsidize solar power.  We encourage you to contact us today to learn more and find out if you qualify.

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