The Federal Business Energy Investment Tax Credit Find out just how much you can save through federal solar tax credits

Yes Solar Solutions is proud to help our commercial customers identify all of the available solar energy tax credits, rebates, and other financial incentives associated with our commercial solar energy systems. As trusted solar leaders in our regional market, we have taken it upon ourselves to stay completely current with all of the applicable tax credits and rebates, helping you navigate the paperwork to save a significant amount of money on your commercial solar energy system. However, we are not tax professionals, so we always recommend consulting your company’s tax professionals for full clarity regarding your business’s tax situations. Read below for more information about commercial solar tax credits.

Congress recently extended the 30% Federal Renewable Investment Tax Credit for businesses. The 30% is extended through 12/31/19, when it steps down to 26% through 12/31/20, then to 22% through 12/31/21, and then 20% through 12/31/22. Our goal is always to help our customers receive maximum value from their new solar energy system to help ensure seamless operations and prompt return on investment.

Helpful links for information about energy tax credits and solar energy incentives: (Database for All Incentives, both State and Federal)