Solar Can Help – Solar in Storms and Disasters

Solar Can Help – Solar in Storms and Disasters

Our thoughts continue to be with the people of Houston and surrounding areas.  Now, in addition, we are watching Hurricane Irma and its path of uncertainty, and including the people of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina into our thoughts.  The surrounding areas are preparing to help and are also experiencing a heavy flow

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First Tesla Powerwall Installation in North Carolina

Breaking New Ground Yes Solar Solutions just installed the first Tesla Powerwall in North Carolina.  Yes Solar has been leading the way in custom solar power installations since 2009.  And as the solar industry, the technology, and the certifications have advanced, our team has stayed ahead of the pack by identifying and installing only high-quality

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When Key Supply Pipelines Shut Down – Think Electric Vehicle

According to an AP story, presented on WUNC.ORG today (Thursday) A southern gasoline pipeline (Colonial Pipeline) plans to shut down a line that supplies the south with its supply of gasoline due to Hurricane Harvey.  This, in addition to a diesel and aviation fuel line that has already been shut down.  The pipeline provides nearly

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3 Reasons America Needed an Eclipse

A week ago today, on August 21, 2017 the moon made its way in front of the sun, for some totality, and for others a range of percentages of coverage.  For all though, something to gaze upon, a reason to walk outside, wear funny glasses and conduct science experiments.   Looking back over the past

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Solar Eclipse 2017: How North Carolina’s Grid is Prepared

Driving on I-85 and NC-147 a week out from the event, electrified traffic signs warn of increased traffic and congestion due to the upcoming solar eclipse.  We have been looking forward to this event for a while.  With scientific tools, experts are able to predict the path of the eclipse, or the path of totality, which

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The First PV Inverter-Integrated EV Charger

The First PV inverter-Integrated EV Charger You may recall our recent post on the SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter.  The post highlighted the vast difference in weight, size and efficiency of the new inverter.  Well, there is something else exciting to talk about that will push EV charging to the next level.  It’s all the technology of

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Tesla Powerwalls Have Arrived In NC

Tesla Powerwall 2 On Monday, August 8, 2017 a shipment arrived at our headquarters in Cary, North Carolina.  This was not just any shipment.  This shipment came rolling down Electric Avenue, from the Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks, NV.  Tesla Powerwall 2. Gigafactory The journey of our shipment began in June 2014 when Tesla broke ground

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Total Solar Eclipse

We are on the countdown to August 21, 2017, the day when many people will experience one of nature’s most noteworthy sites, a total solar eclipse.  All of North America will be able to get a glimpse, though the path of totality will only be visible to those in specific locations.  The path of totality is

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HD-Wave Solar Inverters

Solar inverters act as the brain of a solar panel system. They take the DC power created by solar panels and convert that power into AC for use in the home, in battery storage or to send out to the grid. Yes Solar Solutions uses the best equipment, setting industry standards with quality long lasting

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Solarize The Islands

A power outage last Thursday caused an evacuation of North Carolina’s Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands during a time considered the absolute peak of the busy season.  The islands are no stranger to natural interruptions, hurricanes and storms, which generally provide some warning.  This interruption, though, came out of nowhere after crews constructing a new bridge

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