Commercial Solar Energy Storage

Solar Energy Backup Battery Systems for NC & SC Businesses

Does your company have a plan for when a power outage occurs? If not, you can quickly find yourself in a tough situation when the electricity goes out unexpectedly. No electricity is bad for business. Time is money, and when your business can’t function normally, you lose revenue and much-needed time on projects. Not only does your company suffer, but so do your customers who depend on you for products and services. While you may not have a plan, Yes Solar Solutions does and is here to help, providing solar energy storage to companies throughout the Southeast.

Commercial Battery Backup Systems for Solar Energy StorageStay Sustainable by Staying Prepared

It’s common for companies to overlook the need for energy storage, but for businesses located throughout the Southeast, the threat of power outage is real. These southeastern states are vulnerable to volatile weather, as many found out firsthand when Hurricane Matthew hit in late 2016, causing some to be without power for weeks. How would it affect your company to be without lights, computers, phones, registers, and other items that require power for days at a time? It’s an overwhelming thought, compounded by the fact that it’s hard to predict when it can happen. This makes it essential to have a game plan before an outage happens. Being out of order affects customers on a huge scale as well. Imagine if hospitals, police stations, grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and more relied-upon institutions lost power for a significant amount of time, with no plan other than waiting for power companies to resolve the issue. This isn’t much of a plan. What’s a better course of action?

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Tesla’s Battery BackupState-of-the-Art Solutions

Tesla developed Powerwall 2 to reduce stress caused by these situations. This compact battery stores energy from the sun and uses it to output clean, reliable electricity, even when it’s dark outside. It’s a sustainable, eco-friendly, off-the-grid way to protect your business during an outage, keeping all your essentials running. It’s small, durable, and low maintenance, and it meets the electricity needs of most small businesses. Tesla also offers Powerpack, a fully integrated , AC-connected energy storage system designed to connect to a building or utility network. This emergency backup plan provides immediate backup power to your business should power go out, and it allows business owners to be in control and have more peace of mind in the event of a grid interruption.

What to Expectfrom Solar Energy Backup

Under a 10-year warranty, Tesla’s Powerwall 2 offers a 13.5 kWh energy storage capacity, which is enough to keep the average company in business during an outage. It can be wall or floor mounted indoors or outside. The Powerpack provides 50kW (AC) per pack with an energy capacity of 210 kWh (AC) per pack. These options ensure you remain in business if left without grid-supplied electricity, which keeps you from losing time and money and reduces inconvenience for your customers and clients.

Make a Plan Today

The time to secure a backup plan for your electricity isn’t during the next outage, it’s now. Give yourself the peace of mind in knowing you and your customers will be taken care of should power be interrupted. This is especially important for areas that see a lot of unpredictable, sometimes extreme weather, as with NC and SC. Plan ahead, and feel stable year-round. Yes Solar Solutions is a Tesla Energy Certified Installer. Our crew can answer all your questions about solar energy storage and Tesla’s products, and we can quickly get you and your business set up with no hassle or disruption to you.

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