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Over 12,000 Customers Affected by Outages Tuesday Morning in Cary, North Carolina

Lights Flicker

solar storagePerhaps you had just found an almost empty carafe and poured the last ounce of office coffee from the pot in the break room. At about 10:45 am on Tuesday morning, you looked up as the lights flickered and then the lights promptly went out.  With empty coffee pot in your hand,  your initial thought may have been on the next pot of coffee and the brewing conundrum you have found yourself in.  Then you realized without power, not only will  there be no brewing but your office crew’s production just went down the drain.  At about 10:45AM according to the Duke Energy outage map, more than 12,000 customers were affected by the loss of power.  By 11:30AM that number had been reduced to just over 3,000 customers, including the town of Cary buildings and facilitates.  It took some customers until around 2:45PM to get power back, once again, according to the Duke Energy outage map.

Battery Backup Keeps You Powered

Yes Solar Solutions, located in Cary, North Carolina was right in the mix when the outages moved down Maynard Road, from Harrison Ave. to High House.  However, when the lights flickered and went out for the rest of Cary, the Yes Solar Solutions crew kept on working with the help of a solar and battery back up system.  The Yes Solar Solutions building is equipped with a 10kW system and an Outback battery storage system.  The home office also is set up with a solar hot water system along with many other green features. 

Solar and Storage Provides Solutions

Although lack of brewed coffee can be a consequence of a power outage, we know that solar and battery backup can solve some serious issues caused by outages.  Critical loads that serve to support refrigerators to keep your food cold, and lights on.  Designated outlets to keep phones charged, radio tuned and even medical devices running can be powered during an outage by a combination of solar and battery storage.  Yes Solar Solutions is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer leading the way in battery storage in North Carolina.  Combined with our experience, over 800 solar installations since 2009, and our NABCEP accreditation, we are a perfect fit to find a solution for you.    

Give us a call at 919-459-4155 to find out how solar and battery backup/solar storage can help you when the grid goes down.  We also recommend you plug your coffee machine into one of those critical load designated outlets!

Powering Down Your Solar System for a Hurricane

We are advising our customers to power down their inverters in anticipation of Hurrican Florence to prevent grid instability.  Instructions for SMA and SolarEdge inverters are below, and are included in your Customer Care binders.  You can also call Rob Smith at 919-459-4155 or email   SOLAREDGE Turn rotary switch of the inverter/ DC disconnect

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Hurricane Florence Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness Includes Energy Storage When a hurricane is advancing, preparing includes a long list of emergency measures.  Flooding and power outages are the two biggest risks. Flooding is hard to avoid, but power outages can be managed to some extent. Yes Solar’s Tesla Powerwall 2 customers have an advantage. Rain and dark skies are

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