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There Has Never Been A Better Time To Invest In Home Solar Go Solar, Save Money and Invest in The Future

Get the latest on the 2018 Duke Energy Residential Solar Rebate on our tax incentives and rebates page, or call us 919-459-4155.

  • Solar is a Great Financial Investment:  Panel prices are still less than two years ago, there is a 30% federal tax credit and up to a $6,000 rebate for Duke Energy residential customers.  Prices, tax credits and solar rebates combined make it good financial sense for a North Carolina resident to go solar.
  • The Power of Independence:  You will be producing your own, local power, protected from rising energy costs.  With utility-provided energy your costs keep going up, with the installation of a solar system your cost per kilowatt remains the same, and your total energy cost goes down by using your own electricity.
  • Help Reduce Air, Water and Land Pollution:  Electricity production produces large amounts of greenhouse gases.  Coal ash disposal issues and the proper handling of the by-products of energy generation continue to be an issue in North Carolina.  Reduce the environmental impact by going solar, and invest in the future of the planet.

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We provide customized solar systems, electric vehicle charging stations, solar storage and battery backup.  Yes Solar Solutions is the first Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer in North Carolina, leading the way in battery/solar storage.  We are proud to have an extensive list of industry accreditations, but most importantly we cherish the honest and heartfelt reviews from our customers.


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How Solar Works - Step 1:Solar Panels Convert Energy from the Sun Into Clean Energy

Your solar panel installation is designed based on your energy goals, the positioning of your home, the amount of roof space available, and shading from trees or neighboring houses or structures. 

Our system designs maximize the amount of the sun’s energy your system converts into electricity.  Solar panels are made up of solar cells, stacked together, often with an individual optimizer per panel increasing power production.

Step 2:The Solar Inverter - Direct Current to Alternating Current

The energy generated from your solar panels is in the form of Direct Current (DC).  The solar inverter changes the Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC).  Alternating Current (AC) is the form of electricity that powers your home, used to charge your electric vehicle and can be sent back to the grid.  

Step 3:Solar Storage and Excess Energy Produced

Any excess energy produced by your solar array can be stored by a solar storage, battery backup solution like Tesla Powerwall and when the battery is fully charged, any remaining energy will go out to the grid.  If you have not set up a solar storage solution, any excess energy produced will be sent directly to the grid after powering your home.  Because of current Net Metering policies any excess energy sent to the grid will be credited back to your account.  When the sun goes down you can draw energy from your solar storage solution or use your utility credits to draw energy from the grid.  


Residential Energy Tax Credits

Helping You Find All of the Incentives & Tax Credits Available to You

At Yes Solar Solutions, we pride ourselves on being North Carolina residential solar power experts, understanding all of the ever-changing opportunities for state and federal solar tax credits, rebates, and other financial incentives for solar and green energy. We are happy to consult with you, make recommendations, and provide further resources related to tax credits. Because your individual tax situation may vary, we do recommend consulting your own tax professional to clarify your personal tax considerations. Click below for further information about residential solar tax credits.

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