The U.S. federal government has worked to encourage the development and adoption of solar energy since the 1970s, because solar is a very clean, abundant energy source that has the potential to help free us from dependence on fossil fuels and other foreign energy sources. The reasons are very simple: while fossil fuels are a wasteful and environmentally-harmful source of energy that will eventually run out, our sun represents a clean and virtually limitless energy source. The adoption of solar power and other renewable energy forms also helps further our nation’s energy independence.

Yes Solar Solutions is proud to help our customers identify and take advantage of all of the financial incentives associated with installing a new residential or commercial solar power system in NC or SC. These include a 30% federal tax credit on the installed cost of your new system along with a range of other financial incentives that may be available. We encourage you to reach out to us today to learn more about the cost of solar systems in Raleigh, NC and throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.